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Retro Ad Of The Week: Hilton Hotels, 1975

Retro Ad

Retro hotel advertisements of the past were usually pretty predictable.  Illustrations of people enjoying the amenities of their rooms. Pictures of the on-site natural beauty (check out this Sheraton-Waikiki retro ad). This simple structure was product focused, emphasizing the hotel itself. Bucking the trend, this retro ad takes an alternate route – Hilton Hotels focused instead on the quality of service they provide. […]

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Retro Ad Of the Week: Bronx Zoo

March 23 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

bronx zoo advertising

Would this snaggletoothed, red-eyed, aggressive-looking gorilla entice you to go to the Bronx Zoo? Not likely in 2017, as today’s families tend to look for friendlier photos of the animals in peaceful settings. The zoo ads we typically see today feature animals lounging happily around their habitats. This is no surprise, as zoos have changed a lot over the […]

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