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Retro Ad of the Week: London Tramways/Zoo Poster, 1931

advertising for zoos

Often it seems like there’s a mythical algorithm that goes something like this: “A child’s attention opens the parent’s wallet.” It was just as much a truism in 1931 as it is over 80 years later. And not just for toy stores, but for zoos, circuses, and amusement parks as well. This colorful, friendly poster features a giraffe that seems larger than life, appealing to both the child and the parent’s inner child. A playful illustration that looks like it came from a storybook, and a nice co-op piece that promotes the London Tramways and the Zoo in (almost) equal parts.

FUN FACT: The very first London Tramways (circa 1860) were horse-drawn before switching to cable trams and then electric. (Source: