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Special Halloween Retro Ad of the Week: Mars Candy 1955

October 26 | Posted by: | Design, Retro Ad of the Week, Seasonal

Retro Candy Ad

Yup! It’s confirmed… by today’s standards, this is one helluva creepy retro candy ad. Is it the overjoyed corn stalk shoving a stringy, caramel-filled Milky Way in his mouth? Or the trick-or-treater that’s lurking behind, staring at him while he chows? Either way, this advertisement imparts a creep factor today that overrules any 1950s kitsch.

Granted, the catch-phrase is really smart (at least for the 50s). It’s a fun, eye-catching title for the Halloween season. The point is to inform us we can save money by buying a 6 or 24-pack of Mars candy. But you just can’t mask the spookiness of that elated, giant corn stalk. Is the stalk sweet? Or is it stalking us?

FUN FACT: The Mars candy bar, Forever Yours, consisted of vanilla nougat and caramel covered in dark chocolate and lived until 1979. For 10 years, there was no more dark-chocolate covered goodness. Until they reintroduced the same bar in 1989 as the famous Milky Way Dark. (Source: