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‘Tis the Season… for Promoting Your Destination’s Holiday Event Campaign with Paid Search!

November 27 | Posted by: | Paid Search, Tourist Attractions

holiday event campaign

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…the time to create a paid search holiday event campaign for your destination and lifestyle brand’s event! Here are some tips to help you get the most of your holiday event’s paid search. Experiment with Your Ads   Whether your holiday event is a treasured annual tradition or this […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: How People Choose Which Attractions to Visit

Ever wish you could peek into the minds of tourists to see how they plan visits to educational attractions? Where do folks want to go? What moves them there? Do they share their experiences? We thought it would be valuable to get an inside look at the decision-making process, so we conducted a survey of […]

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How YouTube Can Enhance Your Destination Marketing Plan

youtube for destination marketing

Over the last 12 years, YouTube has evolved from a simple video sharing and viewing platform to a social media and advertising juggernaut. Today, it holds unlimited potential for travel destinations looking to beef up their marketing plans. Getting in front of new audiences is easier than ever with the power of visually appealing content. […]

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What’s Wrong with My Website?

October 13 | Posted by: | Tourist Attractions, Website Advice

tourist attraction websites

The 9 Most Common Issues with Tourist Attraction Websites (And How to Fix Them) Most likely, you did not create your own website. It was probably put together by an agency, or a consultant, or maybe some guy you went to college with who “dabbles.” Whichever path you’ve taken, there’s a strong possibility that there […]

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