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Creating Social Ads for the Holidays: All I Want For Christmas is Your Attention

Creating Social Ads for the Holidays

If there’s one thing people love, it’s the holidays. The only thing they might love more is sharing their holiday experience with others. I bet you can open Instagram right now and find no less than 15 photos of your friends’ Christmas trees, holiday decorations, or impressive (albeit, at times, aggressive) outdoor light displays. Advertisers, […]

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POLL: Your Favorite Holiday Ads

December 22 | Posted by: | Our Favorite Holiday Ads

Here at Mascola Group, we’ve been sharing our all-time favorite holiday ads. Now it’s your turn to pick a winner! Which of these 10 commercials puts you in the holiday spirit? Brings back memories? Which do you look forward to seeing every year? Vote for your favorite below, and if you need a refresher, scroll […]

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Our Favorite Holiday Ads: Coca Cola “Red Balloons,” 2013

December 18 | Posted by: | Our Favorite Holiday Ads

What I like about the Coca Cola Red Balloons commercial is its simplicity. While the ad technically just tells the story about Coke’s guerilla-style “Red Balloons” promotion, the methodology they use to share Coca Cola is very innovative and a great way for people to interact with the brand. The family friendly feel of the promotion is completely in line […]

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