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Rolling the Dice With YouTube Ad Placement: Can Google Regain Trust?

Google has run into a controversy that caused some of America’s top advertisers, like Johnson & Johnson, Verizon and AT&T, to pull away from advertising on YouTube. The problem? Lack of choice when it comes to YouTube ad placement. Without choice, brands like these run the risk of appearing next to video content promoting terrorism and hate. Clearly, no one […]

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3 Marketing Predictions for 2017

marketing predictions 2017

After an unpredictable year in 2016, both in marketing and otherwise, it’s difficult to predict what’s coming next. In the past 12 months, we saw a complete upheaval of the way we consume information and interact with one other. All forms of communication were turned on their heads. Through the chaos, a few key marketing trends emerged […]

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5 Museums That Are Driving Millennial Engagement


Marketing teams at museums around the country are facing a major obstacle — how to drive millennials through their gates. Millennials are accustomed to a fast pace and nearly constant entertainment, which is not the model for most traditional museums. You may want to dismiss the millennials as an audience, but it’s important for museums and cultural attractions to […]

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Thank You & Farewell: Summer 2016 Interns

August 15 | Posted by: | Consider This

Back to school time is nearly upon us, which means we are bidding farewell to our great Summer 2016 interns here at Mascola Group. As they trade in blog posts and spreadsheets for lecture halls and term papers, we asked, what’s it like to intern at Mascola, anyway? Lisa is a Rising Senior at Central […]

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