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Retro Ad Of The Week: The Royal Ontario Museum, 1975

canadian museum ad

The last dodo sighting was recorded in 1662; since the 19th century, they have been considered an extinct species. So The Royal Ontario Museum used this clever message to build interest in their Animals In Art Exhibit. The Dodo Lives. The exhibit featured 14,000 years of man’s artistic interpretation of animals, including one of the most interesting of all time. The dodo.

Museum ads are a fairly rare find, likely due to budgetary restrictions. But in 1975, The Royal Ontario Museum was able to set itself apart. They used a smart headline, a robust exhibit description, and images that would draw in any wildlife enthusiast.

FUN FACT: European visitors to Mauritius are the main cause of the dodo’s extinction. While many attribute their fate to their stupidity (hence the term, “dumb as a dodo”), it was actually their fearless curiosity. These birds weren’t actually stupid, just trusting of humans because they’d never been threatened violently by other species. This led to their easy capture. The introduction of egg-devouring rats to the island didn’t help either. [Source: Forbes]