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Retro Ad of the Week: India Tourism, 1964

There’s a reason the 1960’s is referred to as the golden age of travel. From cheap airfare to the introduction of the all-inclusive holiday package, celebrities and bohemians alike were all traveling internationally – but mainly to Europe. Luxury destinations like the French Riviera provided glamour, and the bustling cities across Europe offered a variety of culture-fixes. India tourism, however, was off the beaten path, and this 1964 retro advertisement uses that to its advantage.

Starting with a small image of the Eiffel Tower, this ad brings attention to the popularity of Paris and then says so what? In comparison, India presents its own iconic landmark, the Taj Mahal. This retro ad both challenges and encourages those “who suspect they’ve seen everything” to take in the unique and colorful sites that set India apart.

How? Let’s take a closer look at the copy:

What can you possibly do for an encore? 


India is for people who suspect they’ve seen everything. It’s an unexpected and delightfully different encore. A land as exciting as Lancers wheeling in close formation cavalry drill. As tranquil as a high lake in Kashmir. As glorious as the Taj Mahal itself. For colorful brochures about India, her modern hotels and travel facilities, see your Travel Agent or write to the Government of India Tourist Office.

FUN FACT: During the 20-year time frame it took to build the Taj Mahal, elephants were used as the main source of transport for heavy building materials. [Source: Mental Floss]