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Retro Ad of the Week: New Zealand, 1988

retro new zealand tourism ad

One of the best parts about a vacation is the chance to slow down and escape from everyday chaos. No work calls, no errands to run or housework to be done. Just relaxation, great views, and a chance to experience a new kind of life. This retro New Zealand tourism ad does exactly that: the “fast lane” here is a lot more laid back.

Let’s take a closer look at the copy:

“Need to slow down and take a break? Change lanes. Come to New Zealand. Our 3 warm islands have what you need to relax. A casual lifestyle. Comfortable accommodations. People who take themselves little less seriously and treat you more like one of their own. You can scale the heights in a Wellington cable car, explore the depths of a glow-worm grotto, and still unwind on a sandy beach. All at a pace that’s easy to take and prices that aren’t hard to swallow.”

The combination of leisure and adventure that New Zealand promotes would be hard for anyone to turn down. This seems to be the key for vacation destinations. Consequently, if you advertise both fun and relaxation, there’s something for everyone who visits to enjoy.

FUN FACT: Only 5 percent of New Zealand’s population is humans, about 4 million people — the rest are animals. NZ is similar in size to the United Kingdom, but the UK has a population of 63 million people (Source: BuzzFeed).