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Retro Ad of the Week: St. Moritz Hotel, 1946

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Deep down, everyone secretly wishes they had their own personal butler. Especially someone named “Claude” or “Alfred” whom you can call to your attention at any moment. Nonetheless, butlers exude an aura of wealth and status, and that is exactly what New York’s St. Moritz was tapping into with this advertisement. Not a bad hotel┬ámarketing strategy. However, it’s unfortunate they didn’t advertise the price in a larger font. $4.40 for a night? You can hardly buy a Big Mac for that price. Even though it was 1946, $4.40 seems like a great deal for a room with “butlers included.” According to the U.S. Inflation Calendar, that’s still only $55.69/night. Sold!

FUN FACT: The St. Moritz building changed hands many times throughout the decades. Built by Emory Roth in 1930, the hotel was also owned by Gregory Taylor, Harry Helmsley, Donald Trump, and Ian Schrager before Ritz-Carlton took it over in 2002. (Source: Daytonian in Manhattan)