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Search Marketing for Non-Profits with Google Ad Grants

March 7 | Posted by: | Search Marketing

search marketing for non-profits

Running a successful search marketing campaign for a non-profit organization is full of challenges. Limited time, limited staff, and often limited technical experience are common roadblocks. But perhaps the most challenging: making an impact with limited financial resources. How can your non-profit compete when paid search campaigns can drain your modest marketing budget? Luckily, Google offers a […]

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The Effects of State Politics on Tourism Dollars

March 3 | Posted by: | Public Relations, Travel

state politics and tourism dollars

A recent Skift article discussed how “Bathroom Bills” are negatively affecting Meetings & Events tourism, particularly in North Carolina. A Bathroom Bill requires people to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex stated on their birth certificates. The transgender community is the main group affected by this bill, and several organizations have moved their tourism dollars elsewhere in […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: London Underground / Natural History Museum, 1960

co-op museum advertising

This 1960 co-op advertisement for the Natural History Museum and London Underground could be found on the walls of the city’s mass transit system. Notice the lack of a headline; you really need to read closely. But the vibrant colors and bold illustrations would be enough to catch the eye of any bored commuter. Especially in […]

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How State Fairs Can Capitalize on the Staycation Mindset

marketing advice for state fairs

The increase in admission prices to large amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Six Flags has opened the door for state fairs to position themselves as an affordable and fun alternative. Disney has been playing around with its pricing system for the last few years, essentially making it affordable only for more affluent families. Historically, Disney […]

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