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Special Retro Thanksgiving Ad: Budweiser, 1953

November 22 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week, Seasonal

Thanksgiving advertising

Thanksgiving is upon us – our national holiday dedicated to giving thanks, enjoying friends and family, and eating with reckless abandon. The fact you may be wearing elastic-waist pants doesn’t imply your standards have lowered. Just the opposite: your inner gourmand is simply prepared for a day of elevated feasting. This Budweiser ad from 1953 […]

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Special Halloween Retro Ad of the Week: Mars Candy 1955

October 26 | Posted by: | Design, Retro Ad of the Week, Seasonal

Retro Candy Ad

Yup! It’s confirmed… by today’s standards, this is one helluva creepy retro candy ad. Is it the overjoyed corn stalk shoving a stringy, caramel-filled Milky Way in his mouth? Or the trick-or-treater that’s lurking behind, staring at him while he chows? Either way, this advertisement imparts a creep factor today that overrules any 1950s kitsch. […]

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HALLOWEEN POLL: Vote for Your Favorite Candy Tagline

October 24 | Posted by: | Seasonal

favorite candy tagline

Candy. It’s everyone’s favorite part of Halloween. You know which ones speak to your taste buds. But which ones have called to you through the years with their creative taglines? You’ll find 10 candy slogans – old and new – below. Vote for your favorite candy tagline, and let us know which message makes your […]

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