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Search Marketing for Non-Profits with Google Ad Grants

March 7 | Posted by: | Search Marketing

search marketing for non-profits

Running a successful search marketing campaign for a non-profit organization is full of challenges. Limited time, limited staff, and often limited technical experience are common roadblocks. But perhaps the most challenging: making an impact with limited financial resources. How can your non-profit compete when paid search campaigns can drain your modest marketing budget? Luckily, Google offers a […]

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4 Ways Luxury Apartments Can Beat the 2017 Slowdown

marketing tips for luxury apartments

Typically, a new year means a fresh start. However, the boom in the luxury apartment industry over the last seven years is predicted to fizzle in 2017 due to a surplus in supply. Your inclination may be to slash rents and make deep concessions. But doing this may cause brand damage and deter prospective residents. Luckily, this isn’t the first time […]

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How to Advertise Cultural Attractions in a Land with No Culture

cultural attraction advertising

Myrtle Beach. It’s the land of fried seafood and mirror mazes. Noisy arcades and shops filled with seashell-covered tchotchkes. Sunburned tourists and cool, sticky, sugary cocktails. Best observed from 187 feet above in the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel. Luckily when my family and I visited a little over a week ago, we found a gem of a spot […]

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A Moment of Marketing Clarity: Adapt or Perish in Digital Marketing

It seems like every day, something else is being declared “dead,” and another digital marketing tool bites the dust. Then suddenly, it’s back, miraculously revived, and absolutely no one saw it coming – except for everyone who has seen this happen before, again and again and again. These constant changes in digital marketing might seem like […]

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