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Retro Ad of the Week: TWA, 1952

January 4 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week, Travel

TWA airline marketing

Even in 1952, the best strategic approach for leisure marketing was to focus on experience. Notice how in this ad TWA does not emphasize surface factors like price. Instead, they focus on the value of the experience that travelers can enjoy. The headline, “Have Dinner with the Stars,” adds a feeling of luxury to the TWA […]

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Special Holiday Retro Ad of the Week: Chesterfield Cigarettes, 1951

December 19 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week, Seasonal

holiday advertising

We all know cigarette advertisements are taboo overall these days, nevermind for the holidays. Nowadays we’re much more likely to see anti-tobacco marketing campaigns. But back in 1951, cigarettes were heavily promoted in holiday advertising via the young superstar (and future POTUS), Ronald Reagan. Note the push to purchase the “beautiful Christmas-card carton.” Perhaps the aim […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: American Airlines, 1949

November 29 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week, Travel

airline travel advertising 1949

Can you imagine the thought of airline travel in 1949? Taking flight must have been a mind-boggling experience – fraught with excitement, anxiety, disbelief, and allure. Surely, it must have taken a decent amount of courage to step aboard a commercial flight. This retro American Airlines ad from 1949 addresses these concerns right up front: […]

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