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Retro Ad of the Week: Greyhound Bus, 1972

August 3 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

retro Greyhound ad

The start of summer begins with high hopes and anticipation. After all, summertime is all about big plans and bigger dreams. This retro Greyhound ad speaks directly to those emotions, and with a heavy dose of 70’s swank to appeal to the time period’s younger generation. Marketing to a younger audience isn’t a new challenge. In the […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: World’s Fair Chicago, 1933

fair posters

The Chicago World’s Fair is often referred to as the Fair that Changed America. It spread over 600 acres and introduced fairgoers to many innovations. Electrical innovations such as elevators and the first electric chair debuted there. As did “new” products we take for granted like the zipper. Fairgoers got a first look at Edison’s kinetoscope and the first voice recording. Another […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: The Beverly Hills Hotel, 1989

timeless hotel advertising

Movie stars, politicians, rock stars. The distinctive pink-and-green color scheme. A pool surrounded by the classic pinstripe lounge chairs. The Polo Lounge, fine dining, and of course, secluded bungalows for high-class celebrities looking for privacy. For years, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been equated with the rich and famous residents who inhabit it. And the decor […]

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