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Retro Ad Of The Week: London Underground / Natural History Museum, 1960

co-op museum advertising

This 1960 co-op advertisement for the Natural History Museum and London Underground could be found on the walls of the city’s mass transit system. Notice the lack of a headline; you really need to read closely. But the vibrant colors and bold illustrations would be enough to catch the eye of any bored commuter. Especially in […]

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How Can Museums Announce New Exhibits Live on Social Media?

social media live museums

Many marketers use social media for the launch of new products. But you don’t need to have a product to do a launch on social. Museums and attractions should consider using social media to announce new exhibits – live. Especially if they have a large number of engaged followers. Let’s take a look at which social media […]

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5 Resolutions Every Museum Should Make in 2017

museum marketing tips for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look ahead to what we can do better this year. How can we turn our shortcomings into opportunities? How did our marketing strategies miss the mark last year, and what have we learned from the experience? What tactics can museums and educational attractions look at to ensure that […]

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