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Facebook Friends and Family Update: Advertising Is More Important Than Ever

Facebook Friends and Family Update

There’s a good chance you saw the Facebook friends and family update already on your news feed. But have you contemplated what it implies to your business? On January 11, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced major changes to the news feed, being instituted immediately. Facebook news feeds will now prioritize content that originates from family and […]

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Looking Ahead: Destination & Lifestyle Marketing Goals for 2018

Destination & Lifestyle Marketing Goals for 2018

At Mascola, we love the start of the new year. New projects, new campaigns, new ambitions. It’s a blank page, and everything seems ready for the taking. After all, resolutions don’t have to be tied to personal goals; they work for business objectives as well. With that in mind, take a page from our playbook. […]

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Reaching Your Museum Audience Anytime, Anywhere

Reaching your museum audience

Reaching your museum audience anytime, anywhere, poses a challenge for museums. But SFMOMA has achieved what few museums and tourist desintations have been able to do. They’ve managed to take their existing attraction and make it accessible, digestible, and exciting for a younger generation. Their newest campaign, “Send me SFMOMA” encourages audiences to text them […]

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