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INFOGRAPHIC: How People Choose Which Attractions to Visit

Ever wish you could peek into the minds of tourists to see how they plan visits to educational attractions? Where do folks want to go? What moves them there? Do they share their experiences? We thought it would be valuable to get an inside look at the decision-making process, so we conducted a survey of […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: What Do People Want in a Museum Membership?

museum membership survey

Membership has long been an essential revenue generator for educational attractions (museums, zoos, aquariums, living history museums, and botanical gardens) throughout the country. The concept of membership has evolved over time, sometimes losing relevance, other times offering experiences that both individuals and families crave. We wanted to find out from those who live in the Northeast what they think […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Which Northeast Attractions Get the Most Clicks from Search?

search marketing for tourist attractions

If you’re in charge of marketing a tourist attraction, chances are you look at analytics for your brand’s website on a fairly regular basis. But do you ever wonder how the tourist attraction industry performs online as a whole? The infographic below offers a look at 20 popular Northeast tourist attractions, and how many clicks they get directly from […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: How New England Attractions Can Up-Sell Visitors

In a recent survey of over 250 people living in the Northeast, Mascola Group set out to discover how willing consumers are to upgrade admission tickets in exchange for premium features when visiting zoos, museums, science centers, historical attractions, and other similar destinations throughout New England. With a base hypothetical price of $24 ($10 for children), we asked participants which types of […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Top 25 U.S. Universities for Producing Millionaires

August 15 | Posted by: | Consider This, Infographics

With the rising cost of higher education, students today are often forced to take a long, hard look at the potential long-term opportunities (read: jobs) that a degree can bring them. There is some good news for those attending schools stateside: United States universities are found to produce the highest number of millionaires after graduation. The Top 5 […]

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