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Retro Ad of the Week: India Tourism, 1964

There’s a reason the 1960’s is referred to as the golden age of travel. From cheap airfare to the introduction of the all-inclusive holiday package, celebrities and bohemians alike were all traveling internationally – but mainly to Europe. Luxury destinations like the French Riviera provided glamour, and the bustling cities across Europe offered a variety of culture-fixes. India […]

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Content Marketing for Museums: Check Your Social Skills

Content Marketing for Museums

Pinterest and Instagram have gone highbrow. For the first time, social networks like these have become the primary venue by which consumers discover art. While this is great news for venues that actually sell artwork, this statistic can be a challenge when it comes to content marketing for museums. (Or it could be a windfall if you play […]

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How State Fairs Can Capitalize on the Staycation Mindset

marketing advice for state fairs

The increase in admission prices to large amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Six Flags has opened the door for state fairs to position themselves as an affordable and fun alternative. Disney has been playing around with its pricing system for the last few years, essentially making it affordable only for more affluent families. Historically, Disney […]

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