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The Rise of Hand-Drawn Fonts

March 14 | Posted by: | Design

rise of hand drawn fonts

Personally, I am a big fan of custom creation. So I am happy to see the current trend of brands using hand-drawn fonts in their branding and advertising. I have always said that if you have the opportunity to create a custom photo or illustration for an advertising piece, you should go for it. It is a […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: Matson Cruise Line, 1949

cruise line marketing

With a destination as snapshot-worthy as Hawaii, it’s interesting what Matson chose as its main visual. While there is a photo of Hawaii, the main visual is a scene from the voyage. Since this ad was featured in National Geographic, you’d think an image rooted in the natural beauty of the islands might be more fitting. Matson takes a different route, […]

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The Evolution of the Qantas Airlines Logo

November 30 | Posted by: | Design, Uncategorized

airline logo design

With the addition of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to their fleet next year, Australia’s Qantas Airlines released an updated logo and livery to match. See the old and new logos designed by Houston Group below. To start, the new type treatment is a huge improvement. The old font was too bulky, the letter spacing was […]

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Have You Seen the New Vegas Logo?

October 12 | Posted by: | Design, Destination

destination marketing

Vegas is best known for its luxury hotels, highly priced drinks, and of course, its casinos. The tagline What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas has really developed a persona for the city that has entered into common conversation across the country, strongly differentiating the brand from other destinations. To capture that spirit, the new logo for the city of […]

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