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Re-branding Your Destination to Include Accommodations: A Lesson from Universal

Re-branding Your Destination to Include Accommodations

When you think of theme parks, no doubt you think of the big guys: Disney, Universal, Six Flags, etc. Now think of theme parks that include a full family resort experience. Most likely, there’s one that’s miles ahead: Disney. This leader-of-the-pack status is exactly what Universal is trying to shake up with its new “I’m […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: Club Med, 1984

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Beautiful beaches, lounge chairs dotting white sand, a resort full of never-ending pina coladas…. We all love the thought of a tropical vacation. It’s the perfect break from reality. But how do destinations draw in visitors over their Caribbean-beachfront competitors? Destination marketing. Take this 1984 Club Med ad as an example. By the 80s, the French brand […]

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Rolling the Dice With YouTube Ad Placement: Can Google Regain Trust?

Google has run into a controversy that caused some of America’s top advertisers, like Johnson & Johnson, Verizon and AT&T, to pull away from advertising on YouTube. The problem? Lack of choice when it comes to YouTube ad placement. Without choice, brands like these run the risk of appearing next to video content promoting terrorism and hate. Clearly, no one […]

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