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How Destination Brands Can Shake Up Their Broadcast Advertising

broadcast advertising tips

When you think about radio and TV advertising, you might think immediately of the traditional 30-second spot. But the 30-second spot should only be part of your campaign. There are lots of other – often more effective – opportunities for sponsorship during and around broadcast programming in today’s media climate. Does that mean you should […]

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Will Live Streaming NFL Replace Traditional TV Consumption?

advertising on streaming video

Back in April, The NFL and Twitter partnered up in an effort to live stream 10 Thursday Night Football games this season. Twitter beat out Facebook, Amazon, and others for the right to stream these games. This is a big win for everyone in the game: The NFL, which is proving that it can stay ahead of the curve […]

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Olympic Logos Are (Mostly) Bad

August 10 | Posted by: | As Seen On TV, Branding, Design

Making our way into the second week of the Summer Olympics, I have been taking a look at the overall identity of this year’s Games and I must say, I love it. The colors, the motion of the characters, the font, and even the story behind the logo all combined feel active, playful, and yet still […]

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