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Author: nick-healy

Olympic Logos Are (Mostly) Bad

August 10 | Posted by: | As Seen On TV, Branding, Design

Making our way into the second week of the Summer Olympics, I have been taking a look at the overall identity of this year’s Games and I must say, I love it. The colors, the motion of the characters, the font, and even the story behind the logo all combined feel active, playful, and yet still […]

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What The Met’s New Logo Is Lacking

February 23 | Posted by: | Design

museum logo design the met

I will first state this. I am obsessed with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a child who loved art and grew up on the Metro North train line, I have been going to The Met at least 3 times a year since I was in 6th grade. I feel more comfortable in some of […]

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