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Author: michelle-yue

HALLOWEEN POLL: Vote for Your Favorite Candy Tagline

October 24 | Posted by: | Seasonal

favorite candy tagline

Candy. It’s everyone’s favorite part of Halloween. You know which ones speak to your taste buds. But which ones have called to you through the years with their creative taglines? You’ll find 10 candy slogans – old and new – below. Vote for your favorite candy tagline, and let us know which message makes your […]

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What’s Wrong with My Website?

October 13 | Posted by: | Tourist Attractions, Website Advice

tourist attraction websites

The 9 Most Common Issues with Tourist Attraction Websites (And How to Fix Them) Most likely, you did not create your own website. It was probably put together by an agency, or a consultant, or maybe some guy you went to college with who “dabbles.” Whichever path you’ve taken, there’s a strong possibility that there […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: Virgin Airlines, 1986

September 8 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

airline travel advertising

Retro airline ads usually feature either a stewardess, a plane flying overhead, or a beautiful destination where the plane will land. But what about Winston Churchill? For Virgin Airlines, it was the perfect visual fit. They took one of the most admired leaders in British history, and associated the brand with all of his admired […]

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