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Author: mackensie-crowley

Retro Ad Of the Week: Bronx Zoo

March 23 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

bronx zoo advertising

Would this snaggletoothed, red-eyed, aggressive-looking gorilla entice you to go to the Bronx Zoo? Not likely in 2017, as today’s families tend to look for friendlier photos of the animals in peaceful settings. The zoo ads we typically see today feature animals lounging happily around their habitats. This is no surprise, as zoos have changed a lot over the […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: Aer Lingus, 1965

March 16 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

irish airline ad

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day! In 1965, Aer Lingus, the Irish International Airline, enticed tourists to Ireland with this colorful ad. While Ireland may be known for its countryside, cities, and pubs, this ad promoted activities like fishing, golf and horseback riding. It’s strategically and visually a very unique approach, especially for the 1960s. One that still makes […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: Matson Cruise Line, 1949

cruise line marketing

With a destination as snapshot-worthy as Hawaii, it’s interesting what Matson chose as its main visual. While there is a photo of Hawaii, the main visual is a scene from the voyage. Since this ad was featured in National Geographic, you’d think an image rooted in the natural beauty of the islands might be more fitting. Matson takes a different route, […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: London Underground / Natural History Museum, 1960

co-op museum advertising

This 1960 co-op advertisement for the Natural History Museum and London Underground could be found on the walls of the city’s mass transit system. Notice the lack of a headline; you really need to read closely. But the vibrant colors and bold illustrations would be enough to catch the eye of any bored commuter. Especially in […]

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How State Fairs Can Capitalize on the Staycation Mindset

marketing advice for state fairs

The increase in admission prices to large amusement parks like Walt Disney World and Six Flags has opened the door for state fairs to position themselves as an affordable and fun alternative. Disney has been playing around with its pricing system for the last few years, essentially making it affordable only for more affluent families. Historically, Disney […]

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