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Author: mackensie-crowley

Retro Ad of the Week: India Tourism, 1964

There’s a reason the 1960’s is referred to as the golden age of travel. From cheap airfare to the introduction of the all-inclusive holiday package, celebrities and bohemians alike were all traveling internationally – but mainly to Europe. Luxury destinations like the French Riviera provided glamour, and the bustling cities across Europe offered a variety of culture-fixes. India […]

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Retro Ad Of The Week: Hilton Hotels, 1975

Retro Ad

Retro hotel advertisements of the past were usually pretty predictable.  Illustrations of people enjoying the amenities of their rooms. Pictures of the on-site natural beauty (check out this Sheraton-Waikiki retro ad). This simple structure was product focused, emphasizing the hotel itself. Bucking the trend, this retro ad takes an alternate route – Hilton Hotels focused instead on the quality of service they provide. […]

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