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Author: kelly-sobolewski

Food for Thought: Add Some Flavor to Your Museum

June 18 | Posted by: | Museum Week, Museums

museum week

Gone are the days when vending machines and coffee carts were the only means of sustenance while exploring a museum. A growing trend among museums and historical sites is the incorporation of food into their seasonal programming. Venues large and small are welcoming food onto their properties, and often getting very creative in the process. […]

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Cause Marketing: Where Did Buzz the Bee Go?

cheerios cause marketing

Perhaps you’ve noticed someone missing from the cereal aisle recently… our good friend Buzz, mascot of Honey Nut Cheerios, has gone AWOL. Honey Nut Cheerios has done something unprecedented. They’ve pulled their ever-faithful mascot, Buzz from all marketing, product packaging, and brand materials. But why? The world’s pollinators are in danger. Often seen as pests […]

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3 Marketing Predictions for 2017

marketing predictions 2017

After an unpredictable year in 2016, both in marketing and otherwise, it’s difficult to predict what’s coming next. In the past 12 months, we saw a complete upheaval of the way we consume information and interact with one other. All forms of communication were turned on their heads. Through the chaos, a few key marketing trends emerged […]

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The Swedish Number Tourism Campaign Wins Big at Cannes Lions

July 11 | Posted by: | Destination, Travel

non-traditional attraction marketing

Every year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity celebrates inspiring work from the international advertising community and this year was no exception. In 2016, a trend toward authentic, out-of-the-box thinking emerged across a broad range of industries, with creative destination and non-traditional attraction marketing getting some well-deserved nods. One campaign that excited us here at Mascola Group […]

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