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Retro Ad of the Week: Greyhound Bus, 1972

August 3 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week

retro Greyhound ad

The start of summer begins with high hopes and anticipation. After all, summertime is all about big plans and bigger dreams. This retro Greyhound ad speaks directly to those emotions, and with a heavy dose of 70’s swank to appeal to the time period’s younger generation. Marketing to a younger audience isn’t a new challenge. In the […]

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Retro Ad of the Week: Catskills, 1985

May 5 | Posted by: | Retro Ad of the Week, Travel

northeast tourism ad

This ad for the Catskills is part of a series the famous Milton Glaser created for the New York Tourism Board, starting in the early 1980’s. And there’s so much to love about it – it perfectly embodies the spirit of the Catskills. Natural beauty? Check. Fresh mountain air? Check. Kooky character? Indeed, check. Since Glaser himself had […]

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Content Marketing for Museums: Check Your Social Skills

Content Marketing for Museums

Pinterest and Instagram have gone highbrow. For the first time, social networks like these have become the primary venue by which consumers discover art. While this is great news for venues that actually sell artwork, this statistic can be a challenge when it comes to content marketing for museums. (Or it could be a windfall if you play […]

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