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Author: alison

Retro Ad of the Week: The Beverly Hills Hotel, 1989

timeless hotel advertising

Movie stars, politicians, rock stars. The distinctive pink-and-green color scheme. A pool surrounded by the classic pinstripe lounge chairs. The Polo Lounge, fine dining, and of course, secluded bungalows for high-class celebrities looking for privacy. For years, the Beverly Hills Hotel has been equated with the rich and famous residents who inhabit it. And the decor […]

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Special Retro July 4th Ad: Apple, 1981

old computer ads

With the 4th of July upon us, it only makes sense to look at an ad that relates to the founding of America. This particular ad involving our founding fathers is promoting none other than tech giant, Apple. When you first glance at the ad, Apple probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, without the instantly-recognizable […]

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Special Retro Museum Ad Series: The Tate Gallery, 1971

the tate gallery

The Tate Gallery proves that, sometimes, there’s no better way to advertise an artist’s exhibit than the work itself. Especially when that artist is pop art icon Andy Warhol. From commercial artist to the “Pope” of pop art. After taking a job in the ’50s with Glamour magazine, Warhol developed his unmistakable whimsical style as a commercial artist. […]

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