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A Eulogy for Apple Ads

Farewell creativity.

Goodbye subtle yet clever simplicity…

So long sweet dancing silhouettes…

You will be missed. You had a good run. And you were loved by millions. Revered, even.

Sure, you motivated people to buy a product. But you also inspired people to innovate, to pioneer, to “think different.”

Even when you weren’t inspiring us, you simply told us how to make our lives easier.

And we are eternally grateful for that.

But all good things must come to an end.

Perhaps it’s because you yourself had lost your inspiration.

We’ll never know. But we wish you peace, wherever you may be.

We’ll never forget your brilliance.


UPDATE 8/8/2012: Seems that you’ve realized your mistakes and may have a chance to rise again. We are all hoping and patiently awaiting your return.