Strategic Destination Marketing Plan Helps to Break All-Time Attendance Record


America’s only six-state fair and the largest in New England, The Big E used to steadily draw around 1 million visitors through its gates year after year. Our research showed that visitors look at the fair not as one Big E, but many little ones, and each had their favorite – food, entertainment, shopping, agriculture, New England tradition, or people watching. We started by changing the message to reflect that and shifting the Big E’s media to pursue opportunity markets. We then moved a lot of The Big E’s broadcast placement, so that commercials appeared within content like traffic reports, and changed display ads to include more rich media and high-impact takeovers instead of run-of-site banners. We also implemented a robust retargeting program to re-engage those who expressed interest in The Big E by visiting the website. The results were staggering – The Big E has finally broken its record, with over 1.5 million visitors in just 17 days.


Since our shifts in messaging and media, the Big E has broken its record, drawing over 1.5 million visitors through its gates – in only 17 days.