Municipal Marketing Agency Rebrands Parking and Drives Diners to the Elm City

Brands often need to be changed from the inside out. The New Haven Parking Authority already recognized that and had begun doing major renovations on its garages and lots to increase the safety and convenience for New Haven workers and visitors. But they also needed a new customer-facing brand to welcome those people and get the message across that business – including customer service – was about to be done differently. Mascola Group, a municipal marketing agency, was brought in and, thus, Park New Haven was born. Following the rebrand, we launched a joint program with New Haven’s restaurants that offered free garage parking to diners after 4pm. We promoted the program on Pandora, electronic billboards, and on social media, helping drive up evening visitorship in New Haven from surrounding suburbs.


New Haven parkers have sung the praises of the new downtown parking experience, and the restaurant program continues to draw approximately 1,600 diners to the city each month.